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Editors in Chief
Jeffrey I. Golden
Eric P. Israel

Leslie A. Cohen
Michael T. Delaney
Jeffrey I. Golden
Sarah Cate Hays
M. Jonathan Hayes
Michael J. Heyman
Eric P. Israel
Lance N. Jurich
Janet Shapiro Levitt
Elmer Dean Martin III
Ashley Marie McDow
Hutchison B. Meltzer
Aram Ordubegian
Maita Prout
David M. Reeder
Zev Shechtman
Leonard M. Shulman
Daniel H. Slate
John N. Tedford, IV
Michael L. Tuchin
Michael H. Weiss
Anne E. Wells
Editors Emeritus
Vincent M. Coscino
George W. Kuney
Peter J. Gurfein
Janet Shapiro Levitt
Forum Liaison Representatives
Dennis D. Miller (Bay Area)
Thomas R. Phinney (Sacramento)
Diane C. Weil (Los Angeles)
Editorial Advisors
Hon. Michael S. McManus
Hon. Ernest M. Robles

Association News

You can get involved!  The 2020 Conference Planning Committee has volunteer leadership opportunities available for the May conference at Bacara in Santa Barbara. Please let Deborah Kincade, CBF Account Executive, know of your leadership interest.
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