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How to Advertise in The California Bankruptcy Journal


The California Bankruptcy Journal is published by the California Bankruptcy Forum. The purpose of the Journal is to disseminate information regarding the decisions and procedures affecting bankruptcy practice in the State of California. The Journal currently prints and distributes 2,500 copies per issue. The Journal is circulated to California Bankruptcy Forum members, subscribers, nationwide law libraries, and all U.S. Bankruptcy judges.


Please contact Toni Spangler, the Journal's Administrator, for the current publication schedule. Space may be reserved at any time, subject to availability. With the exception of fixed position spaces and prior reservations, ad placement within the Journal is at the sole discretion of the Publisher.


Following are the available sizes of ads. The listed size is the IMAGE AREA of each ad. The trim size of the publication is 6-5/8 inches x 9-3/4 inches.


Vendor Ad
Premium or Fixed
Position Surcharge
Full Page 5 5/8 width x 8 3/4 height $800 $ 1,100
Half Page 5 5/8 width x 4 1/4 height $400 $500 $100
Quarter Page 2 3/4 width X 4 1/4 height
- note this is a vertical ad
$250 $350 N/A
Inside Back Cover 5 5/8 width x 8 3/4 height $ 1,500 ($1,200 for 4 issues booked at the same time)
Inside Front Cover 5 5/8 width x 8 3/4 height
$ 2,000 ($1,500 for 4 issues booked at the same time)


All rates are net. Agencies are advised to mark up for commission. Payment is due upon placement of each ad. Ad art should be supplied as HIGH resolution PDF. Ads not properly prepared will be fixed and the advertiser will be billed for the art services at a rate of $75 per hour. A typical announcement ad art charge is $75 plus tax. Frequency discounts of 5% are available when booking and paying for multiple insertions at one time. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse advertising not deemed appropriate.


To advertise in the California Bankruptcy Journal contact:
Toni Spangler
JBS & Associates,
954 La Mirada St.
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Tel: (949) 497-3673 ext. 200
Fax: (949)497-2623
E-Mail: tspangler@jbsassociates.ws